About Doerner

A contemporary firm from the beginning

Founded in Indian Territory in 1896, our law firm predates statehood by more than a decade – and from the beginning, Doerner lawyers were leaders who were helping to shape our region.  The role that our rich history plays in today’s contemporary society and business world is evident in the depth of experience and get-it-done attitude that every lawyer brings to the table.  We have always had the vision and know-how to make things happen for our clients.

Doerner lawyers build on the foundation of strong client relationships established by our predecessors. We have represented many clients for decades, helping them grow, survive economic and other hardships, and thrive during boom times regardless of where their business interests take them.

Throughout our history, we have been servant leaders.  For many years, Doerner lawyers have been tapped for high profile appointments in regional and national government agencies, many to later become judges, serve in a governmental capacity or take top representative positions in major businesses and industries.  A service ethic permeates our firm today and is evidenced by our lawyers’ passionate commitment to civic and charitable boards and organizations.

Doerner is a proud member of Meritas®, an established global alliance of more than 170 independent, qualified and pre-eminent law firms in over 70 countries. Meritas® is a professionally managed association that was created in response to a need to locate and hire qualified local counsel, and through the years it has become the superlative vehicle for this purpose.

Meritas® law firms are established firms that are rigorously vetted in their market areas They are chosen not only for their high level of legal expertise, but also because of their proven business acumen. Their working knowledge of local cultural and jurisdictional issues typically exceeds that of most international law firms, and facilitates positive and timely outcomes. Meritas® insists that all its firms offer the full complement of litigation and corporate services necessary to handle business matters in any industry. Firms become members through invitation. To maintain membership, each firm agrees to perform under a uniquely comprehensive Quality Assurance Program, ensuring that clients receive the same high quality legal work and service from every Meritas® firm.

State or nation-specific law may be complex and diverse across global jurisdictions, but Meritas® offers the constancy and consistency clients need and will obtain through the Firm’s alliance with this organization to conduct global business with confidence. For more information, go to www.meritas.org.